“Não chore mais, eu te imploro. Estou aqui.”
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Eu estava para dormir quando esta ideia me veio a cabeça. q Estou pensando em colorir essa minha versão da Nina mais velha. =3


episode 4 of “when g gets bored”. also known as “g has a terrible sense of humour” and “g doesn’t put effort into anything”.

so lately i’ve been having major lysander feels… he’s all over my dash. D: so i tried to figure out how i could stop the feels, so i decided to draw a time when i was… a teensy bit frustrated with him. and it worked. for now.

so, here’s some crap that happened in episode 11 that everyone else is way over with by now.


Rude much


No se si alguien ya la hizo, pero asdsada tenia que hacerlo x’DD!!

Creditos a Chinomiko y a quien corresponda uvu 
Yo solo puse las caras C:

Headcanons???? ??


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Cuando imaginé y bocetee esta escena recordé QUE NO LE HABÍA TOMADO SS A LA CONVERSACIÓN, así que tuve que buscar en el tag de Kentin en tumbler hasta encontrarlo, créditos a Ask Ken-tin and Sucrette por las screenshots.

Apoco Kentin no es todo un CUTIE? ♥

When I was doing some doodles about this scene I remembered THAT I DIDN’T TOOK ANY SS, so I searched Kentin tags on tumblr and TA-DA! thank you to Ask Ken-tin and Sucrette for the screenshots

Kentin is such a CUTIE, isn’t? ♥

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Whee~ I haven’t traditional-art-ed in a while (aside from the 200 follows post) so here’s another one, it’s colored!! :D 

Theme: the boys switch cloth style with another boy 
—started off as the boys that don’t like each other, then it was just the twins and Kentin+Viktor leftover so yeah

Some of the boys’ cloths were modified, along with the color change

Apologies for poor quality as always D’x

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